Sunday, November 28, 2010

Layer by layer...and again n again..

Tday my younger sister Maryam asked me to bake layer cake because she wants bring the cake to JB. I don't have many baking stuffs and cake ingredients in my mom's house so i decided to bake simple layer cake. The chocolate horlicks layer cake is easy to prepare because we only use coco powder and horlicks (malt) for the flavor. My mom's oven is small for 8' x 9' cake pan so i make it half for the ingredients and i used 6' x 9' cake pan. Alhamdullilah the cake turn-out pretty well but next time i must reduce the quantity of sugar, too sweet! as sweet as me ehek ;P

Ok enough rambling here, so this is the recipe:

250 gm butter [ i only use Golden Churn or ScS]
10 eggs
220 gm Hong Kong flour
180 gm castor sugar [already reduce the quantity]
1 tbsp ovelette
1 can condense milk
200 gm Horlicks
200 gm coco powder [ i used Van Houten]

1-Whisk butter and sugar until white and creamy [high speed]
2- Add an egg, one by one at one time and beat until fluffy.
3-Slow speed, add condense milk and horlick.
4-Finally add HK flour and mix well.

5- Divide batter into 2 portions. One portion is original and one more add coco powder, mix well.

6-Set fire on grill, bake first layer for 15-20 minutes (depend on how thick ur layer). Then for 2nd layer set fire on upper.And dont forget each layer u have to press it after baked to avoid air pressure.

Ochh! air bubble, must poke it!

set upper fire for 2nd layer
 7-For last layer set fire on grill and bake for 15 minutes.

My new set of fork & spoon. I always keep an eye on it every time i go to KLCC. Finally i bought it last week. Yeeehhh.... :D


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