Sunday, December 12, 2010

Strawberry puff with almond

Frankly speaking i'm down rite now. May DLSR camera (my BB) is not with me. Too bad because i can't snap my foods . I sent my DSLR camera to the Nikon center and they said at least 3 weeks to repair it. Next wednesday is the 3rd week, so i hope i can get my BB soon :)
Beside that somebody who closed with me is sick rite now. He was admitted to the hospital because of slip disk. I knew he is under stress and sad because of the ilness...what make me really sad is he totally refused to allow me visit him at the hospital.I was visited him once on last week and after that he really don't want to see me..what should i do?? what did i do until he treat me like that.I'm really miss him. Now i pray hard to God so that he'll recover from his illness..amin...
Today to release my tension i made  Strawberry puff. I adapted the recipe from other blogger, Mat Gebu. Walla, i didn't knw it's so easy to make it using ready made puff. At first i wanted to make an apple filling but unfortunately i don't have the fruit so i just used my strawberry jam and almond flakes.So here the recipe.

 ". . . I saw good strawberries in your garden there;
I do beseech you send for some of them."

- William Shakespeare -

Starwberry puff with almond.

Sorry the quality of picts no so good cuz i snap with my hp huhu

Ingredients: [10 pieces]

1 pack of ready made pastry ( i used KAWAN brand )
strawberry jam
2 tbsp almond flake
sugar icing

1- Heat the oven to 200'c in 10 minutes.
2- Cut the pastry sheet into 2 sheet. One piece you just leave it but the 2nd pastry sheet you cut a square shape in the middle, looks like a frame (to add strawberry jam)
3- Paste the 2nd pastry sheet on top of the first sheet. Use egg yolk to paste it.
4- Spoon the strawberry jam onto the middle (frame) of the pastry sheet.
5- Bake for 10 minutes first. After that take-out from the oven , brush the pastry with egg yolk, sprinkle with almond flake and bake for another 10 minutes in the oven.

Love the smell of strawberry when i'm down...what a nice aroma~~~
Ready made pastry that u can buy frm the supermarket.

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