Saturday, February 26, 2011

Splash splush!

Last monday i baked one simple coconut cake recipe with my new set of  KENWOOD cake mixture. The mixture bought by my hubby to be Mr.Zul huhu..(terima kasih daun keladi dear, ada bajet nk oven plak ehek ;P). I got the recipe from myresepi dot com and it taste soft and nice. I was happy with the cake n i brought it to DBKL swimming complex at Cheras. Actually last monday and tuesday i have to accompany my students for MSSWP aquatic tournament at Cheras pool. It was hot climate day *sigh* and i was burned eventhough i applied my sunblock lotion for 3rd times! But i was glad and happy with my students because they won 1 gold medal, 3 silver and 1 bronze.So while i watching them swimming like a dolphin, SPLASH SPLUSH in the pool i enjoy sharing and eating my coconut cake with other teachers... ;-)
They swim like a dolphin! so nice!
My coconut cake. I baked it at 5 am bfr go to the swimming complex at 7 am ;)
Me.....BURNED! after 2 days 'berkg di sini' - my sunblock doesn't work! *sigh* :P - my dear B yg sudi dtg menonton my skool team di pool yg panas ini! ;)

view of the Cheras pool frm my B's sunglass ;P

My school team n me yg sudah terbakar,HITAM! ;-)
Shaun, our new STAR!

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