Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The incredible beautiful and exotic flower...

This time my entry totally different! I want to share my latest hobby. Somehow i love orchid so much so i decided to buy it today at my hometown because it was cheapper ;) i got rm10 for 1 orchid.
When i told my B he just smiling ( dlm hati dia - abehla kopak duit aku kena belikn buah hati bunga orkid plak...) hehehehe...but this hobby i tell u very interesting because orchid is different with other flowers. It very unique, incredible beautiful and exotic. For beginning i put my orchid at my father's garden because i've no place to put them in my house at KL. Too bad lor... *sigh* Next time my mission is to get different colours and species of the orchid. Mayb in KL i can ask my B to buy somemore and put at my mini garden in school for temporary until we get married. After i move out to new house i'll take all the orchids and put them in my backyard ;-)

My B said this is so pretty n he love it ;)

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