Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Make other happy

Last sunday was mother's day celebration. For me everyday we should appreciate and love our mother. But to show our appreciation to them there r lot things we can do frm small to big things like bring our mom to lunch treat,give her special gift like gold or more special n simple way to do is give her a kiss n warm hugging early in the morning n wish her happy mother's day! ( This is what i always told to my stdnts)
Ok, last saturday juga sy bz di sek sempena Honors Day 2010. First time menjd announcer for the meritorious academic performance 2010 for stdnts form 1 n 4 last year. Alhamdulillah dlm gementar tidak ada sebrg stupid mistake yg sy buat semasa menjd announcer. Maklumlah lidah slalu lidah org melayu,bila nak menyebut dlm inggeris risau gak..dah tu ada CEO,Dato,datin n parents yg mostly hebat2 belaka dlm kerjaya mereka.Phewww.....release tension after the task huhu...
Cupcakes corn flavour . I make these cuppies for my colleagues regarding mother's day celebration. I baked the cupcake night before the Honors Day ;)

My colleagues Norita n Anne Charley, dedicated teachers advisor for sch choir n ensemble. Posing bfr  we start our duty on that morning.

Honors Day my school
Dlm sibuk preparation diri utk menjd pengacara mlmnya sempat juga sy membakar kek cawan perisa jagung ( new recipe i create my own) utk di bawa ke sekolah pd keesokkannya. Kononnya utk diberi kpd guru2 yg bergelar ibu, tp plan dah bertukar keesokkan harinya. Oleh kerana terdpt ank2 guru di sek so sy decided memberi mereka. Wah! seronok anak2 kecil (my colleague's kids) menikmati aising kek itu. Sy sgt gembira tgk bdk2 seronok menikmati cupcake tersebut.

Yay!  my corn flavour cuppies. Hm...ada sesuatu yg kurang, Ohw yer, perlu dihias si cantik manis ini ;)

Wynona, Norita lovely angel, she said, "happy mother's day mama, luv u while she spoon the cupcake to her mom..so sweet...i pray i'll get a lovely daughter like her..amin..

After the function i rushing went bck to prepare vegetarian chocolate cake for my colleague. She ordered the cake for mother's day on sunday. At first mcm tak yakin nk buat tp pernah cuba skali utk Mdm Siva last march. But this time sy buat seberat 1 kilo, thanks God menjd ;DD wee...

Tada.....1 kg chocolate vegetarian chocolate cake for Chelvi's mom ;)

Antara bahan utk menghias kek coklat tanpa telur...i went to market n saw fresh kiwi n strawberry so i decided to decorate the cake with the fruit.

Kek siap di hias :D Chelvi asked me to cut it into 16 pieces, so syg nak ptg but have to huhu...

Ready to deliver ;)

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